Poems by
Deepali Jain


a poem by Deepali Jain

When we feel that the world is beautiful,
Every face is enjoying and cheerful,
The whole atmosphere is bright and sunny,
The world is charming and factsfull
This is what we call “Love.”

When all our wishes are fulfilled,
Even in summer we feel cold and chilled,
The fragment of breath feel the atmosphere,
We await for the one whose heart has been killed,
This is what we call “Love.”

When our care and sleep are lost,
When our hunger and place are lost,
We only watch and see the way,
Which will bring the one among so most,
This is what we call “Love.”

On seeing the one we get excited,
On touching we get enlightened,
When we talk to him
We feel we are being blessed,
This is what we call “Love.”

All his sayings seems to be right,
All his doings seems to be might,
We really get overwhelmed,
When we see him to be in our sight
This is what we call “Love.”

At last when we get him,
When we laugh and cry, dance and sing with him,
It seems that whole world is ours,
And the one who is ours is best in them,
This is what we call “Love.”