Poems by
Deepa Swaminathan

Memories of Kargil

a poem by Deepa Swaminathan

Silence has settled over the snow-topped peaks,
But the silence must seem so weird…
To the ears which heard the ammunition speak,
Shattering sounds which they never feared.

Our soldiers fought on hostile terrain
Amid fire and ice and marauding winds!
Thought of their own lives with disdain
Placed the nation above life or limb.

They too had families to guard…
But they chose to defend their country instead,
Battled with passion, fought so hard
And on our soils we could once more tread!

The memories of Kargil have rekindled,
The embers of patriotism embedded in our souls
Reminded us of our supreme duty
To preserve this hard-won goal.

The souls of the brave cry out in pain
We gave our tomorrows for your today
So never let a war happen again
We don’t want our children to meet the same fate.

Little do we know that each missile we sent
Ended up destroying a bit of our own land
The Line of Control is nothing more than a dent
On the star studded crown of our motherland.

What is the use of creating war?
And bringing our own destruction
Let’s make the world what it was before
Spread the mantra of peace and compassion.

Forget the idea of going nuclear
Prevent another war at any cost
Let us aspire for a world sans fear
Or else everything will be lost.

Or else everything will be lost.