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a poem by Dave

Leaves are blushing
Red, yellow, brown and blue
“Are you looking at me?”
“Stop staring at me!”

I smile at the leaves
Give them a wink
The wind catches me
And I didn’t even blink!

“Why are you jealous?”
Dare I may ask
“Come follow me-
While you stand there and bask!”

She played hide and seek
Laughing so devious
I wanted to peek.
“You can’t find me
Try, try try
I’m so fast
Try to blink your eyes!”

I noticed the sky grow late
The lonely cloud
Did not hesitate
Pointing at itself
For me to adore-
Look at me before you snore!

I winked at her plea
Then the orange cluster
Smiled at me

All these women
Going after me
Makes me tired
Please fill in for me!