Autumn’s Visit

a poem by Elaine E. Howie

Bending with the wind, the leaves fall to the ground.
Their green clothes they release.
As the birds fly from north, west, and east.
Baring bright colors of yellow, reds, and browns,
suggest that it is Autumn yes, she’s in town.

She takes off her sunglasses, but she still can see clear,
she exchanges her greetings with a simple,”hello dear”.
The wind makes her bend branches with a breeze,
and with her smile the weather she can freeze.

She is a head strong young lady with little fears,
and she’s a bargain with the rain for her tears.
She’s and artistic lady with style and grace.
She dances with you as you run from place to place.

Dedicated is she as her leaves fall to the ground.
Her feet firmly planted, she shares her red, yellows,and browns.
Everyone stops to listen to her sometimes weathered voice.
Congratulations fall on deaf ears as she stands poised.

As squirrels run hither and there,
to store their nuts for winters wear.
She sits drinking her tea, and as winter comes, she makes ready to flee.

Yes, the clouds come callin to take her hand,
as she smiles behind her fan.
Waiting for a signal, not sure just what to do.
She gives a glance and a chill goes right through
The sun sings a song, one note to high, as the night closes in to say goodbye.

She peeks out the window to see Mr. Winters white cream.
Giggling, as she remembers how they once were a team.
She comments on the gentle glint of the sun off a birds wing.
And in a space of a hour she comes to terms with all these things.

Memories of the beauty she will not waste.
She displays all colors of the season and makes haste.
She stands on the steps of her carriage surrounded by friends.
She stops and courtesy to Mr. Winters wind,
for she is tired and must put this season to and end.