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a poem by Danny

Got too much shit in my head,
Wakin’ up, wishin’ I could just stay in bed,
Afraid of what the day may bring,
Paranoid ‘bout everything,
But I’m sick of all the B.S.,
Sick of all the stress,
Time to get up and out of this mess,
Time for me to do my best,
To get up and tell off all the rest,
Who said I could never amount to nothin’,
Who said I’ll always be nothin’,
Well sit back and watch out,
‘Coz I’m ‘bout to bust out,
And be the best that I can be,
Then none of ya’ll could step to me,
‘Coz if you try to bring it on,
You gonna get stepped on,
‘Coz I make my decisions!
Not you,
‘Coz the world revolves around me!
Not you,
Now, it’s time for me to break the silence,
With my words, not violence,
‘Coz that’s all I need to take you down,
To turn your arrogant grin into a frown,
To say what I need to say,
‘Coz I’m sick of everything being your way,
It’s time for me to be free,
It’s time for me to be me.