Poems by
Dana Jossart

Never Enough

a poem by Dana Jossart

You are so devoted to me-
I wish I could be
Someone who is there for you
But I’m not; I just hide through and through.

I wish I wouldn’t run
But it’s too late- I already point the gun.
To drag you into this wouldn’t be fair
I will always love you, even if you’re not there.

I wish I was free
To give you all of me
Though I’m not, I wish you could see.
Please, I beg you, wait for me.

Everything inside,
Are the feelings that I hide.
You will never know,
The emotions I never show.

I wish I wasn’t so closed in
I wish I would learn, because I never win.
When we met- you sang a song
It soothed me, because I knew I had been wrong.

The endless lies aren’t worth my cries.
Still each one slowly dies.
I have so much in my past
On your list, I hope it is last.

I cause so much despair
Even then, you still care.
I am so thankful – you give your time
Without billing even one dime.

When I see your name,
I am overcome with shame.
I wish I could do more
But I am nothing at the core.

I wish you knew
How much I love you.
You’re not here- but I know your ways
Even when you’re gone, I know it pays.

Everything is- as it might
Even when it doesn’t seem right.
Though it will be night,
You will still be in my sight.

Miles will never do-
To be without you.
I’ve never felt apart
We were close, even at the start.

Together, we will remember
What we have- forever.
You will always be my superman
Even if I get blown by the fan.

I wish you could understand
I want to hold your hand,
While we sit in the sand
And dream about our land.

Every time I hear the sound
I am reminded of what I’ve found.
Please don’t push me round and round;
I will go wherever I am bound.

I know I am not enough.
Its ok, I am tough,
Let me know but not to rough
And I pray I’ll never have to puff.

On my wrist, it is blue
It always reminds me of you.
All the memories- it will never leave.
Until my dying day, I will never become a sieve.

Only misunderstood when I’m near
But underneath it is only fear.
There is so much on my mind
To tell you, it would all unwind.

All past affairs were so senseless and fake.
To think about them makes me ache.
My love for you is so real,
I am certain because of how I feel.

One day you’re going to be well-known.
Though I have rarely shown,
I was always your number one fan
I just never knew when it began.

You turn me inside out
Sometimes, I could just shout.
Even with all this doubt
I never want to choose a new route.

You flip me upside down
Maybe one day I’ll wear the crown.
With you, there never is a frown.
And one day, we’re going to build that town.

My love will be with you though I’m not,
You were the only one that I sought.
One day we will have our hut
I’ll stay even if you call me ‘peanut’.

I don’t want you to feel tied down,
And I never want to see you frown.
So much has taken place
Though we want- we don’t need a faster pace.

When you’re off playing in your band
I hope you’ll remember that day in the sand.
While you’re on stage with your guitar,
I hope you will remember your one off far.

You mean so much to me
I wish you could see.
Someday we’ll fly away,
With nothing else to say.