Poems by
Commodore Premkumar

Ode to the Messiah

a poem by Commodore Premkumar

O! saviour of the downtrodden,
you appeared to show the way to mankind,
to save the creation from atrocities,
to spread the message of divine love,
but alas! you received a crown of thorns.

You came to relieve the pain of the needy,
to heal the sick and the wounded,
to establish the kingdom of god,
but alas! you singularly bore painful whippings.

You preached love, whilst facing rejection,
forgave those who shed your blood,
blessed those who mocked your preachings,
but alas! mankind was mute witness to crucifixion.

O! saviour, you came during an era of rejection;
with no room at the inn, you chose the manger;
whilst the soldiers were searching,
you sought the shepherds;
denied entrance to the temple, you offered worship
to the father, in spirit and truth.
but alas! for merely saying, “god is our father”,
they nailed you to the cross.

O! messiah, we need you now, come to us once again,
make us see “christ” in each one of us,
once again, become the bread of our lives,
we pray, you return, to be the “life of our lives”.