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Only a Rhythm

a poem by Cindy

Green eyes sparkling in shadows soft mist,
Waiting with anticipation of loves first kiss.
A forest of magic the spell soon to cast,
Was said to bring a love for an eternity to last.

Hair the color of wheat in the noonday sun,
Tendrils falling from her loosely coiled bun.
Aye dressed for her wedding to a man she knew not,
But this need she was powerless to stop.

Golden light fled the moon illuminating the midnight sky,
Each star flickered slowly turning into thousands of fireflies.
Such vivid colors a rainbow to be sure,
A sign sent proving that she was in truth pure.

Her hips moved to only a rhythm she could hear,
Swaying gently feeling his presence oh so near.
She raised her left hand and released the hair bows hold,
And to her bare feet tumbled her hair of gold.

She shook her hair never once loosing the beat,
Faster and faster dirt flying from beneath her feet,
Movement took over her body her soul on fire,
Her chant intense voice rising higher and higher.

My lover, my lover I call you its night time,
Come to me; join your soul with mine.
She wanted to just reach out to the moon beg it to stay,
Tears from her eyes falling on the broken petals of her bouquet

A dress of white, reaching just past her knees,
Touched the wind fluttering with the breeze.
And the thunder so intense scattered the fireflies,
She dropped to her knees face held toward the sky

As tears flowed free jagged streaks of lightning crushed the earth,
And now come the time for her true loves rebirth.
But then had it really been so very long ago
That death had come taking away his soul.

A young bride to be a church awaiting her man,
The tears as she would never see him again.
His smile, his eyes his soul taken to a land far away,
And her heart still remained with him today.

Please give me my soul back give me my heart,
I wish no longer for us to part,
Take me, take me now I need my lovers kiss,
Reunite us as one joined in heavenly bliss.

Perhaps her words were heard, or perhaps was the rhythm,
Transparent in the heavens she could really see him.
He held out his hand and she reached for the skies,
And for her true love she gave up her life.