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Only You!

a poem by Cindrela

You came and blessed us,
Whatever for, I still cannot understand!
Since that day,
I am living no more.

Suppressing our love deep within my heart,
Closing the pages of a legendary affair,
And eyes filled with tears,
I stand before ‘him’
Inside the four walls of a closed room!

Expectations are flowing in his heart;
Memories of ‘us’… in mine!
His touch, his gentle kiss,
Oh! But why does it cause so much pain??

This reality, Iam unable to digest!
When he stands beside me,
The torture I go thru,
I still cannot explain!

You have made my life incomplete;
Thoughts of you haunt me so much;
This dormant life…
I can go thru, no more!
Every molecule in me,
Is filled wih your love,
I can never forget you,
‘Cause I still love… Only You!