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a poem by Chirayu

Some days are dull, dark and dreary;
Others are full of bright sunshine.

Some days pass by without a thought;
Others take so long that it seems like ages.

Some days are full of expectations, hope, something new to learn;
Others just go by waiting for things to happen.

Some days bring everything – joy, hope, a sense of urgency, eagerness;
Others just don’t seem to get over.

Some days there is so much to learn;
Others just pass by without anything new.

On some days there is no work to do I wonder how it will pass, and when evening comes;
Wonder what did I gain from this day atlast.

Some days are so slow
They just don’t seem to go.

Some days I feel happy
Others just pass by, they bring nothing

Some days are monotonously regular
Others are full of exciting opportunities

I just wish for each passing day to enrich my life
and give me new things to learn.