Poems by
Charu Varmani

Effulgence Seized

a poem by Charu Varmani

Simply Wonderful.That’s it,
Exquisite and exotic.
Elegant, brilliant
Sharp and Bright
She was beauty personified.

Luminous skin,
Radiant, smooth and clear
She had glinting eyes
That said a different story
From every angle,
Sparkled as and when
They caught light.

She stole hearts
Millions together
Everyone who saw
Wanted her forever
That’s when GOD immortalised her,
Turning it into the hardest substance known,
Left it to man to capture its brilliance,
And christened it DIAMOND,
Which like the stars shone.

No wonder then…
That man uses it to express his undying love,
Or when he makes a woman his own,
And every woman relates with it
For some part of themselves is in that Stone!!!