Poems by
Chand Gopal


a poem by Chand Gopal

Oh sweet little rose,
You now have a different pose
Here I am sending – oh flower,
To my sweet little lover.

Be so smooth and sweet,
Take away her heat
Dare not hurt her hand,
When she takes you, across the land.

Tell her how much she means to me,
How much I am longing to see
Let my sweet heart know,
My love is purer than white snow.

Be sure to be very tender,
Let her know I am your sender
Just be sure,
To tell her all the feelings I endure.

In your fragrant smell,
Ensure the message to tell
“For you and you alone a poor soul is wailing”,
Let she be hearing.

When you slip over her skin,
Get her to grin
Make her know what I think,
Into her love I sink.

Tell her when she brings you near,
“You are someone’s dear”
“Only your body is far apart,
Not your heart”

You will be my small present,
Make sure it is very pleasant
Here take this kiss,
To my young little miss…