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In God’s Kingdom

a poem by Carolyn

The bright, harsh, hallway lights,
the stench that’s always there,
I’ll never grow accustomed
to the indifferent medical care.

I see my grandpa lying there
helpless in his bed,
the tubes that surround him
coming from his arms, his legs, and his head.

I can’t imagine what it will be like,
without grandpa there, being in my life, guiding my way;
I feel that there are many things I should tell him
but no words enter my mind this day.

What do you say to someone
on the verge of dying
when anything you utter
would start you crying?

I need to be strong for him, and me;
I know already how much I’ll miss him.
I look in his eyes and see a twinkle, and
and behind that twinkle the tears began to brim.

What will life be like with him gone?
I look at his face, well along in years,
I know as well as he that it won’t be long.
and do my best to hold back my tears.

In my face my grandpa saw my sorrow,
and he gazed at me and said ‘We’ll see each other soon,
I’ll be waiting for you in God’s Kingdom.’
Those were the last words spoken by him;
and I wept in his quiet hospital room.

Goodbye dear grandfather;
You’ve loved me so;
Until we meet again in God’s Kingdom.
Your love on Earth I’ll show.