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Don’t think I love you

a poem by Blaze

Baby… don’t feel guilty
There’s nothing you can do
If you feel I’m not the one for you.

I don’t need your pity
I don’t think any more about you
And I know… you’ve forgotten me too.

Oh listen… don’t think I’ll love you
After all that you did
And don’t think I still miss you
No. I don’t think about your kiss
What you did has turned me to this-
Now, I don’t sleep
So I wouldn’t dream about you
And I don’t visit places
That remind me of you
I don’t think of the sunsets
That I watched with you
I’ve shut myself in
Cause I’m so used to
Facing the world with you
I don’t answer the phone
Cause what if it’s you?
I think of all I do
And try as I might
I can’t get used to
Not thinking about you all the time
But Oh listen… Don’t think I still love you.