Poems by
Bitter Billy

Another Poem

a poem by Bitter Billy

In the writing landscape
I create
Such useless things, with such useless words
Yet in the real world, I try to escape
So many poems have been written
And stories been told
Some million sellers
Others never sold
And what can I bring
To this over crowded ring
I want to end starvation
Yet, with my hesitation
I haven’t done that good
I wanted to do what I could
I found something, that was better than nothing
A place on the Internet where you can donate free food
Maybe it was a little bit but I felt I had a better mood
The place is called hungersite.com
I told my friends, my sister, my dad and my mom
I made a list that I e-mailed every day
And on each mail on the top “hungersite.com” was displayed
But friends and family aren’t enough
Especially when they can only donate a few cups
So I wrote poems to submit
And after a few rejections I almost quit
But I want more people to go to the site
So I still write
So I will submit this to several places
Hopefully it’s seen by the right faces