Poems by
Binu Govind

In Search

a poem by Binu Govind

The most powerful in the world, man is
What use of power is there with no peace?
A man sure I’m but still scared to live
Let me be a parrot, not safe even
For who knows when I’ll be caged
No freedom, when I pine for the sky
As smooth as a rabbit I liked to be
No, flesh greedy humans will behind me
To taste my soft white meat
Tiny as ever, an ant may be preferred
I’ll be roaming around to pile my food grains
Oh no! I can be stamped to death by anyone
Huge and strong as a tree I would be
Bear fruits and give shade for all, but when-
Aged, with no fruits, for wood I’ll be chopped
Fine, it would be me, a stone
As dead as anything that won’t move
What a curse, a weapon of me can be made out
My goodness, then what could I be?