Poems by
Bini Shah

Seek for Self within!!!

a poem by Bini Shah

Voices came from far off the village,
Soft echoes of whose, mellows my stoic emotions
Deep around the fireplace are scanty broken dying memories

Was it a new change of winds to come
Or was it a past call back to follow gravefootprints of sentiments
Should I bury them in the graveyard and set my self as Phoenix
Is it a call of change or hesitation to accept insecure adventures and risks?

Reality of relations are fleeting!!!
Maximum continuum leads to emotional and physical string of life
Finally I broke the masquerade of compassion and samaritan of decade – by call to self:
“Oh me – help me get up from my own ashes, lighten up my world,
Oh me you are my light, my passion – be with me holding my hands”

Blossoms : flower of heart with freedom, confidence and self complacency
Finally I found way to eternal happiness its all in me – “Only inside me”