Poems by
Bhaskar Kannan

True Friends

a poem by Bhaskar Kannan

As I stood pondering over who my true friends are
On a silent evening well past my innocent youth,
Came by the breeze with a softness above all par
And said, “I’m ever here your pangs of life to soothe.”

I looked around, beyond the verdant growth of green
At the circle of the elusive, yet, beckoning horizon
Which said, “Come, venture beyond all that’s seen!
I ever remind you that life’s work is not yet done.”

Stirred up, I strolled towards the roaring sea – and
Marvelled as it blushed at the sinking sun it’d soon meet
When a rolling wave – with a might ships can’t stand-
Rushed on to humbly say, “I’m ever here to kiss your feet.”

As darkness fell, and engulfed over the bustle of life
And I again sat down, confused and pleading for light,
The twinkling Hunter arrived above, ready for strife
Ever to help me when my inner foes I confront to fight.

As I rose up, the chime of a temple bell floated from afar,
As if to say, “Have you not the Supreme one unseen,
Who has given you all these friends? He Himself is not far
For He lives within your heart – a friend He’s ever been!”