Poems by
Bhaskar Kannan

Good Cheer

a poem by Bhaskar Kannan

When gloomy, dark clouds fill up your sky,
Look up with courage – not just down;
Only then will you see the lively dragonfly,
Light as a feather, hover around.

When the path you tread looks too dark,
Fear not – but do keep up your pace;
Soon you’ll find the glow-worm’s spark
To keep company on your lonely ways.

When friends betray and near ones depart,
Close your eyes – but do look within;
The One who’s ever played the major part
Lives not around, but deep within.

When left uncared for – a lone dreary soul,
Lose not your heart – but push on awhile;
For success or glory is never a loftier goal
Than to be with ever a content, sweet smile.