Poems by
Bharat V Shah

Garland of Beauty

a poem by Bharat V Shah

Diamonds are forever wise dreamy times determine
The volume however – the crown of jewel garland
Of beauty as well, in the depth of perception
Butterflies over sessions! Styles and status
When fell the nerve’s pleasant sensations!
Echo of century consults history stations!
Prove the facts and fears, cry and cheers on occasion.
Beauty without diamonds just a garland of silence!
It’s original mother earth’s gift, enjoy the precious brief
Where wizard love costs with women and wine most,
Diamonds gets lost somewhat time’s wants colourful ornaments hints,
Deep love birds sing
Delightful spring, autumn and winter
Seasonal festival’s craze,
Where diamonds celebrated best!
Human world hopes wonders with millennium brazed diamonds thunders.

This is truth that miracles surrendered in the coop!