Poems by
Basil Sylvester Pinto

Love… What art thou?

a poem by Basil Sylvester Pinto

As a consequence of a far too sensitive, emotional quake
I have been squashed beyond recognition
Under the heap of rubble
Spelt in bold, underlined italics as LOVE

In a yearning effort to brush away the scourging memories
I am in scour of a realistic soulmate
Who has been gifted the knack to pristinely express herself to
my humble being
And thus emboss ourselves in togetherness
as regards the immortal chapter better known as “LOVE”

Love is an eccentric commodity
Dwelling in the posh property of every lovable, fragrant soul
That is bereft of any vendor or purchaser
But lies as all and sundry’s earnest desire

It is a wondrous flow genetically felt
That has in it’s power an invisible, unique key
Which jimmies the hinges open on every spiritual cabinet
In an effortless desire to blossom the bud
of every enchanting romance

A much sought after phenomenon is what love is
That terminates the traumatic implore for passion
By solidarising an intimate bond
That has a vital component matching the opposite sex

All in all
Love in a nutshell
Is the cohesive exudation of romanticism
Blended with divine grace
And meant to remain embalmed for posterity.