Poems by
Baishali Mandal

The Colors of Life

a poem by Baishali Mandal

Those fleecy little clouds in the sky,
Hid the sun that was so shy,
The grayish white shadows on the hill,
Filled my heart with so much thrill,
The zephyr so affable seemed to say,
“Those fleecy clouds have made my day”,
The pearl-white mist with open arms,
Condoled the sun, that’d hid its charms,
But the meadows abut the Brooke danced away,
Contrasting colors from the clouds so gray,
The grazing brown horses with swishing tails,
And the boat far away with dainty sails,
A pleasant view from the sill of my grange,
Whispering to me “Life is so strange”
It could be dull, it could be bright,
When things go wrong, we could make it right,
Blending new colors to our life,
For nothing is ever static,
Love changes, grief fades away.
Yet we look forward, to another amiable day!