Poems by
Azhar S Sayed

… and love betrays

a poem by Azhar S Sayed

Ages and ages ago there bloomed a flower.
Peeping into the violent sun, with eyes ajar,
Its thirst for love made it grow fast
Expecting for suns’ rays, till eternity to last.

Then came the happy, dancing spring
Through the green vales, its mirth did ring;
Its thirst for love made it blush.
But even the spring ran as its waters gushed.

Autumn arrived wearing a pale golden dress.
Love towards it, the flowers did express;
Its thirst for love made its leaves shed.
But autumn too grew in anger, red.

Through the chilly nights, through the rain
The flower wept but all in vain.
And then a maid showered a days’ surprise.
When with love in her heart, she did rise.

Hush! Hush! There was a silent voice.
The maid left the flower in utter despises,
The flower was helpless and started to weep
Closing the petals it finally went to sleep.