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I Love You

a poem by Aveeshkar

I have a crush on u,
is all I wanna admit.
“I’m actin'”, “I’m foolin'”
is all just shit.

Since I saw u,
u r always on my mind.
How come u r so unique,
just one of a kind.

Dunno vat I see in u,
but u r the best.
Tell me do you feel the same,
don’ take along test.

I hardly get to meet u,
talkin’ is quite rare.
Thinkin’ u’d leave me,
is the only thing that makes me scare.

To tell u how I feel,
I don’ have the guts.
But if u wanna tell me,
pls- no ifs and buts.

I don’ even know ur name,
just tell me, if u love me too.
In return I got nothin’,
only “I’ll be there for u”.

I dunno how this poem is,
I just tried to express me 2 u.
But all I wanna say is,
dat “I luv u”.