Poems by
Ashish Kumar

The Pain

a poem by Ashish Kumar

It is always painful to see people leave,
Compounded when they don’t even let you grieve,
Such times there is no one to talk too,
Yet things are perfectly fine to mock you.

Why is there a quest to learn the intricate,
Eventually, instead they tend to complicate,
Should pain not be accepted as gregariously as joy,
After all pain joy are nothing but language created ‘toy’

Now me standing under the dark clouds ready to get wet,
But I am worried that even before it rains, I’ll be drenched,
I now perfectly know whom should I talk too,
But ‘those’ is the one who potentially ‘ll cause the pain too.

As they say it is better to talk to someone about this,
It might be right to open in front of those whom you won’t miss,
I look around the class with the purpose froze
But it breaks like twig, in a deep breeze.

Banking completely on the words they have mentioned,
They’ll stay loyal to me and always concerned,
Only thing here for us to realise is now is,
Let some time, as there can be no better healer than this.