Poems by
Asheesh Sharma


a poem by Asheesh Sharma

The bare truth of life is money,
It’s the running authority governing the whole humanity;
Money begets money is implied,
But generating money is not so simplified;
Money is a magic-
One has to live to have money,
The other has to die to save money;
Money knows neither religion nor any season,
But it’s is imposing to have some incurring reason;
Money is a Science to predict,
Is an art to depict;
Zenith of success depth of failure,
Since it is fascinating, has power to lure;
Money is a conundrum-
One acquires sense when loses money,
Other loses sense when gets money;
Money makes discrimination among poor and rich,
Since it has a high degree of pitch;
Money has colours-
Colour of romance, colour of chance;
Colour of starvation, colour of cultivation;
Colour of merriment, colour of harassment;
Colour of passion, colour of depression;
Money is a turncoat-
It changes with the party,
Leaves one in the lurch,
Gets other into the church;
Still, money is something but not everything,
You can buy anything but neither love nor the spring.