Poems by
Arvind Dhingra

Insane Zeal and Enthusiasm

a poem by Arvind Dhingra

Nature with it’s full wings,
Coming down is water spring
Air is virgin, clouds are dark,
Climate is cool in summer’s heart
So much beauty is lying on earth,
As if paradise has taken birth
Even then man is sad,
In worldly affairs he is gone mad
Narrow minds and narrow means,
Everybody has hollow genes
Simplicity left us along with ‘Gandhi’,
We are insane by ‘Pomp and show’ brandy
God has given everything desire,
Even then we are wrongly inspired
We enjoy puppet show,
Where nude materialism dance have glow,
Drunken we are of that glow,
Those carry us to death but slow
Better is to leave this world,
Where zeal and enthusiasm
Are expressed in other words.