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Drops of Love

a poem by Arunansu

Scatter a little on my eyes
For it can hide the tears
Splash some more for the heart
Yearning that you were near
To grab
The drops of wishes
Falling in everyplace
Yet failing to retain,
As they slither by my face.

Spatter tenderly
Dotingly like your touch
Warm as your sweet embrace
For the wind is just as much
Charmed by your feminine grace.
And it says
Swash a little for my toes
Spray further on my lips
Wipe away all the woes-
Love is at my fingertips.

Trees in that foggy drizzle
Upright, yet nowhere to go
Wet in the steady mizzle
May the shower help to grow
Fresh buds on an inert bough,
May the sopping tired twigs
Hold out some fruits of vow.