Poems by
Arun Prasad S


a poem by Arun Prasad S

Forget me… Or
Let me forget you…
For I am not a better sole
For you!

You said,
I tried…
I tried…
I tried…
I can’t!!

But I can…
I said
Sleep silently in the grave
If I forget you… Or
To think of you!

Once we were in the paradise…
You told me…
You are my love,
You are my life,
You are my soul.
I replied…

What happened now?
Why am I asking you…
To forget me.

It’s the reason
I want you
To live happily
For years more… but
I won’t be with you
No more!

I’m sure
You couldn’t do
What I say.
But you have to…
It’s my pray.

Forget me…
For I am not a better sole
For you!!!