Poems by
Arun Prakash L

A Taste of Success

a poem by Arun Prakash L

I can’t forget that day
my whole world went grey;
the day seemed to be long
and the time flew along;
I tried to cool but
was made a fool;
knew I had to relax
but those brutal moments
struck me like an axe.
Everything went so bad
alas! what a day I had!
Suddenly I realised one thing
the thing I had to win
if you wonder what is it
here is it-
realise you are your property.
Needn’t run searching for security;
the game ain’t the same
win it you will get the fame;
realise what you have to do
and analyse the way you gotta do;
don’t jerk just do your work
sometime you will find
you have balanced the equation,
ya you are right!
you have reached your destination.