Poems by
Art Zendejas


a poem by Art Zendejas

Why do I lover her?
I know I don’t need her
But she is always her
She is true to me
And hardly upsets me
She is strange to me
But it make sense to me
Why is this happening to me
Why can I only see
Even when my eyes do not
I still see her
More beautiful than I have ever seen
I try to find logic when it is not there
But I know I care about her well being
When she is mad I try to make her glad
I hate to see her sad
I rather her hold my hand
I wish I could have her to be mine
And only mine
But it seems that I cannot
I can only try but will always come up short
I try to get her out of all sorts of troubles
But it seems my heart just crumbles
I tremble when she makes me not me
I wonder who am I?
Is this me or was that me
I feel I am so confused
This lights a fuse in me
I exclude all of my clues
I refuse to quit
I would rather listen fools spit lyrics
Than to her critics talk about me and her
Her and me
There is no real her and me
There is just me
All alone
Like I always am
Why oh why
Do I love her?