Poems by
Aravind Kumar

When I toured the Hills

a poem by Aravind Kumar

When I toured the hills,
I went into with immense interest,
the hills were looking creepy,
they were clean and quite,
carrying with themselves,
calmness and peace,
with sun hiding behind the clouds,
what a scenery that was,
with the breeze blowing cold and chilly air,
and I was feeling it,
I got to know about the nature that day,
nothing could replace it,
the path then became steep and difficult,
it was turning night and horror crept in,
the clouds left me saying bye-bye,
I kept going on and on,
and saw no one,
I began to feel scared and lonely,
but finally I reached the goal, the destined place,
where I found my people,
who had also gone through this adventurous trip of nature.