Poems by
Apurva Iyengar B Y

Talent and the World

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

‘Talent’ is a soldier
He marches ahead alone
Riding on ‘courage’,
The horse brave to be known.

Talent never wept, not once!
For ‘time’ his friend assured,
That for better things in future
Present may seem bitter

Across the mighty oceans,
‘Talent’ sailed
And popular then he was!

One day, when the sun rose in the east.
He called ‘talent’ a beast!

Off into the sky jumped talent
On the wings of ‘haughty fame’,
(A bird all coloured.)
The wings broke down,
down, down.
He found courage awaiting in the dawn!

Talent found his lost way
And off he galloped with ‘time’
Which gifted him ‘humble fame’

Often remembered is ‘talent’!
Alive in the books of achievements
Riding his strong headed horse.
Talent is an imprint of yesterday
Thinks of tomorrow, acts today

All of us will meet him and his friends,
Sometime in life,
Once and forever when gracious God sends!