Poems by
Apurva Iyengar B Y

The Rain

a poem by Apurva Iyengar B Y

Drops of rain,
Fall across, I do not refrain.
Each drop of love
Drenches me, reminding of someone!
Then a drizzle,
Now a storm.
I still stand there
Love in torrents
Swept me away in its current!
I watched in awe!
How kind of Lord to think of me
And thousands such season lovers
When he made you, me and the universe!

For, the world with no rains,
Pleasant ambience,
Breezy, lazy and inviting evenings
Would only promise a stale life,
Reminding one of strife!

The humble rain,
Washes away all evil
Remains no trace of discrimination
Divine ablutions
Our minds all clear
Now we walk across hurdles into a new day.
None escapes the magic,
Neither the woman in anguish,
Nor the busiest man.
The rain invites every pair of eyes
To once gaze at it- the crystal blue!!
One glimpse brings back fond memories
Sliding backward into the days gone by,
It helps one becomes more human.

Oh! I watch in awe…
It is fun
To see the world in a trance
Rain- a creation, a ribbon of romance.