Poems by
Apeksha Priyadarshini


a poem by Apeksha Priyadarshini

Expression, an internal emotion
Shown on the face
You see it in the eyes
You hear it in the voice
You feel it with the touch
A smile, a tear, a frown
Seen everyday on each face
Open display of our feelings.

The tear- comes with birth
Shed more often
Than can be remembered
It travels from the most beautiful part
The silent, but speaking, eye
Why it chose the eye?
So that the look can melt stony hearts
So that the pain can be relieved beautifully
So that, it gives way to a serene dreamless sleep.

The frown, some wear it always
‘Tis just a contraction of muscles
But it speaks strongly
It expresses concentration
Shows anger
Follows the doubtful thoughts
And stands upon our brow when we ponder.

The smile- Oh! So beautiful!
Though it spreads on the lips,
It lights up the face
It brightens the mood
Makes someone’s day
Holds the flow of tears from someone’s eyes
Makes someone feel special
Attracts many and makes heads turn
Gives a pleasant feeling
Lightens the burdened spirits
Consoles a broken heart
And showers the radiance of love
The simplest, yet, the most powerful – the smile

The face- a palate for the colours of expressions,
Has many more colours on it
But not everything can be put into words
After all, they are Expressions.