Poems by
Aparna Kadari

Will you ever

a poem by Aparna Kadari

“This poem is dedicated to the person whom I love dearly
but never been able to express!”
May be great is the love that dies untold!

Will you ever?

Will you ever understand the truth?
That you touched my life like nobody else
You made me who I am today
Making me feel special in every sweet way!

Will you ever understand that I feel for you?
Much more than you do
That you are my brightest star
In all my darkest and dreadful nights!

Will you ever understand that you are a dream?
A fairy tale every girl would want to have
You opened the doors of my heart
And made me wonder that Love is indeed true!

Will you ever understand that there is one life?
Where I want to exist unconditionally
But just for you and no other soul
Because you fulfill every part of me!

Will you ever understand that I love you?
That without you I am incomplete
That you are unique and irreplaceable
And without you I would be lost!