Poems by
Anupama Sharma

Tell Them

a poem by Anupama Sharma

You love someone?
Then let him / her know
‘Coz it’s now or never
You never know
When the day might fall
And the darkest night might hover you
That day might be close when,
You’ll have to stand all alone
So let them know, all those
Who made some difference in your life
Let them know, that you love them
Life is not made by one
Every one contributes some
Thank for every contribution
Thank for every minute and every second they spent with you
Thank everyone for loving you
And, when you finish
You will realize
What love is
You would have made a better place
For them and for yourself
You have lived
And have made others live
It is then when you realize
What to love is and, what to live is
Don’t waste time
Thank every soul that has come in your life
Thank everyone, let them know you love them.