Poems by
Anulipi Ghosh


a poem by Anulipi Ghosh

I happen to be a Scorpio,
that much-viled and slandered Zodiac member
So this is in defence of all beings born
from 23rd October to 21st November.

I am a Halloween child myself;
they say I must be psychically gifted.
But I’m yet to converse with spirits enigmatic
Though when I talk to friends, spirits are lifted!

Every Scorpio will agree with me when I say
We are often the target of much malign
Accused of being materialistic and manipulative…
Or the most vicious and vindictive Zodiac sign.

I wonder how others refuse to acknowledge
How magnetically charming we can be
How intellectually advanced and intuitive…
And how extremely successful socially!

Why do they forget that we are emotional too?
Not like the cold cruel creatures we are named after
That we, too, have a great sense of wit and humour
And can light up the room with our laughter!

Scorpios may be vengeful sometimes, but very few people aren’t…
Its tough to suffer injustice quietly every time…
And I don’t see why its only us who should be blamed
For every passionate or jealous crime!

Scorpios are intensely loyal
and will go to the ends of the earth for a friend
You’re really lucky to be one or know one…
Scorpios always a helping hand lend.

I could go on and on about Scorpios
But I’m sure other Signs also have their side of the story
So I’ll sign off now, with just this observation…
Scorpios always arrive and depart in a blaze of glory!