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Ode to misery…

a poem by Anonymous

Why couldn’t my life have been simple
Now I wish my life would just be shorter
Feeling these thoughts rip out my life my soul
Just waiting for this misery to be over
Just wanting to get lost, lose them memories
Chiselled into my very being for a decade
Raping me till I can’t take it ne more
Mind screwed up makes my hair stand thinking of her touch
Her thoughts creeping up my skin makes me choke with in.

“Out of sight out of mind” someone said
“Out of sight” is just making me go out of my mind
Can’t live MY LIFE any more… Can’t be on MY TERMS anymore
Peace is all I need now doesn’t matter if its peace of mind
Or I have to blow my mind to pieces

Why do I see everything I dreamt of going to a waste
Didn’t I have it all?? Why did I take my own soul?
How could I have left my fantasy slip into a nightmare?
These regrets will never heal…
The ghosts of ‘what could have been’ will haunt me till I fade away…
Do I deserve to feel like him on fire?
Do I deserve to know ill live like this forever?
She’ll always be worth more what I ever will be
Always worth more than I can ever give
Why couldn’t I have known this before

Flooding my head with thoughts I thought cowardly
Pumping my heart with feelings I thought impossible
Just wanting to know, she knows how much she means to me
How I would give up nothing for this emptiness to be filled by her

Times on my side under my control
I can stop the clock ne time
Then you’ll have me by your side…