Poems by
Annette Koshy

Where is she?

a poem by Annette Koshy

Where is Jess?
I can’t find her.
Find her for me,
I want my sister
She was everything
I ever had,
Ever loved.
I never told her how much
I loved her, still love her.
I never said goodbye.
Life before the accident
Seems so far away.
Years ago.
Seven years ago.
She was seven years old.
Her life hadn’t even begun,
And now, it’s over.
People shouldn’t drive.
On the pavement.
I hope the man who hit Jess
Never drinks and drives
Why are you putting her
Into that box?
Why are my eyes burning so much?
What is that dull ache in my throat?
Who is this man patting my shoulder?
Oh, of course, he’s the vicar.
Come on, mum,
We’ve got to pick Jess up from school.
I think I’m going to buy her some balloons.
She loves balloons.
I’ll buy orange, black and white balloons.
The flowers are orange and white.
I’m in black.
Hurry, mum,
We’ll be late.
Goodbye, vicar, look after
The flowers for me.
Mum, can I buy Jess some balloons?