Poems by
Anne Pavitra Jacob

The Lone Lover

a poem by Anne Pavitra Jacob

Alone she sat under the neem tree,
Waiting for her true love
With nothing for company
Alone she waited like a dove

The sun was glowing red in the west;
And soon the moon appeared
Amid the dark clouds like an ivory crest;
But she neither moved nor feared.

The fragrance of the flowers
Roses, Jasmines and Lilies
That she had gathered for her lover
Filled the evening skies

Soon a fearful storm arose
But she sat unaware of the rain
Clutching to her heart a red rose
And humming a melancholy strain.

The thunder roared so loud
And the lightning flashed so bright;
But she neither heard the sound
Nor saw the bright and shining light.

She never felt the heavy downpour;
For heart with her lover dear
Had flown off to the other shore
Where day is always bright and clear.