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Do you know…?

a poem by Anandi

We were there
together hand in hand
dancing on our own tunes
singing with the rains
and suddenly you took me in your arms
and I got lost in your charms.

When I was back in my senses,
I saw you beside me, it was
our wedding night
you were saying something
when I fell asleep.

Next when I woke up…
I heard you shouting
as you were getting late
and I was busy with the children.

Gradually we turned old…
and one day suddenly…
I died in your arms
and this time I got lost
in darkness…

Yes… I can’t see anything now…
hazily I can see myself
sitting alone in the room
tears rolled down through
my cheeks and I realised
that I Lived a Life, with you.

I lived a life with you.in a sec
in that very sec when I had
closed my eyes… or just my eyelids
do you know?.I live a life with you
every time I close my eyes!