Poems by
Amit Agrawal

The Stakes on a Lame Horse

a poem by Amit Agrawal

I am a lame horse
But this is my strength.
I know there are no stakes on me.
I am my stake, this is my strength.
I will make them regret for not staking on me
For this I have to run, though I am a lame horse.

But I don’t need to run
For I’ll fly on the wings of will
My determination is to be my fuel
And my experience my navigator.
Tell me who can win from me?
The Veteran of this race, when the stakes are so high.

Knowledge helps to work,
Work gives experience,
Experience inculcates Wisdom.
They may be knowledgeable or resourceful
But I am wise and I’ll cut my way through.
Then everybody will cheer for me, honour me
Then she’ll love me, my life and stake on me.