Poems by
Altaf S M

The Wierdo in Me

a poem by Altaf S M

Here’s a poem about myself,
I’m sure it’s new to you,
But let me tell you one thing,
Just some of it is true.
I wear extremely thick glasses,
I’ve been blind since birth,
They’re so thick, they look into the future,
Thyey’re the only ones on planet Earth.
When I want to escape reality,
And my conscience isn’t clear,
A bit of cocaine does the trick,
My mind has no more fear.
Chocolate is my favorite food,
I could eat it all day long,
TV is my favorite pastime,
Although it’s very wrong.
When I’m chatting on the net,
Yahoo’s my favorite site,
It’s them versus me, me versus them,
I love to put up a fight.
I end up writing poems like these,
When I sit down for my studies,
Then I rush off to the cybercafe,
And email it to all my buddies.
When the summer heat bears down on me,
I guzzle down a Coke,
When the winter chill bites at me,
I need to puff a smoke.
When my mood is sober,
I like to work and think,
When my mood is playful,
I like to dance and drink.
But when this life is over,
And I’m lying beneath the grass,
I hope I’m buried upside down,
So the world can kiss my …!!