Poems by
Alok Gaur

You stand by me!

a poem by Alok Gaur

I scanned the horizon, beyond the woods,
Strained to look as far as I could;
On my right the ocean – my left the farm;
And in front of me a mountain-
Standing in its own charm;

I always wondered- how would it be?
Beyond the mountain if I could see!
There could be people unlike me,
Who are always happy cheerful and free.

Whenever I felt sad and my heart would churn,
Towards the mountain I would run;
To meet those people who never knew pain
To be with them- never to return again;
But the more I ran, the farther it went,
Till my heart was outpaced and my knees were bent.

I fall down, with my head in the sand;
Can’t get up even as I dig my hand,
Animals pass me by in the dead of the night;
I want to run but I have no might.
With feet that hurt, and a throat so dry,
A burst of emotions as I begin to cry.
It gets so cold and the sun goes down,
The mountain is still far away- elegant and brown;

Last look at the mountain- knew this is my end,
A good-bye sign and a flying kiss I send.


A gush of wind, a chill up my spine;
Did the mountain move? Or was it a thought of mine???
A rumble of clouds like a thousand cries,
A gush of mist dropped from the mountain’s eyes
Like a river it flowed down, racing towards me
My mind still confused- how could this be???

I crawl back home with the first ray of the sun;
Lost a battle I thought I could have won;
But I never felt sad or lonely or blue,
I knew I had a friend so loving and so true.

If ever I felt sad broken and down,
Like the life ship sinking and I about to drown,
I would shut my eyes and close my fist,
And I would be hugged by the mountain mist.
Even though we were so far away;
Lifetime friends we knew we could stay,
A lovely friendship that we both chose,
So far away and yet so close!