Poems by
Alamelu A A

The Ever-Blooming Bud

a poem by Alamelu A A

As I walk down this road
called life,
I look back on memories,
Some sweet, some bitter.
My journey has been smooth
And without many regrets
But why am I so empty?
I yearn for that which
I cannot explain.
I have had my share of joys,
And am not shaken down by pain,
But a voice in me says,
‘Your search is in vain’.
Are my deeds right or wrong?
Have I been true to myself?
I do not know.
Have I done justice to this life so far?
Have I really deserved it?
I do not know either.
What have I achieved?
What have I stood for?
I cannot perceive.
Is this feeling common?
Or is it just me?
I am yet to discover.
But I do know that
I have a long way to go,
I have a lot to achieve,
A lot to see, a lot to learn.
I am a bud waiting to bloom,
Waiting for the morning sun
to discover me.