Poems by
Aksar Allahabadi

By the Time

a poem by Aksar Allahabadi

By the time, you returned back,
Who knows, weather I will be alive,
By the time I gained you,
Who knows weather, I would become dust,
Why the eyebrows raised,
Why the gesture of complain,
By the time, I have pacified you,
Who knows, weather I would have become a
victim of anger.

Always I wished that
You too keep awake at night like me,
By the time, I stole your sleep,
Who knows weather I would have slept
in lap of death.

Sky told me, on
See my patience,
By the time, made your home,
Who knows weather the earth will remain
in galaxy.

The lips are silent,
Eyes are sad,
By the time, I made you laugh,
Who knows, weather I would be crying.

‘Often’ thought of forgetting you forever,
By the time, I forget something about you,
So many things else, coming to my memory
like the waves.