Poems by
Ajay Srivatsan

Immortal Vision of Diamonds

a poem by Ajay Srivatsan

When the time has come to transcend
all my dreams;
The vision of a diamond helps me ascend,
from the worldly flow of streams.

If I give a thought,
to the world of imagination;
It’s shape figures a lot,
which fills me with elation.

The diamond with it’s shine,
illuminates a super natural presence;
The pleasure is all mine,
to look at its splendour and essence.

Diamond gives me
a feeling of sensational pleasure;
Like the effulgence of the sea,
which lies beyond me to measure.

Diamond has in it the power,
of an ideal place;
Due to the compassionate shower,
of an immortal grace.

Tide of the sea comes now and goes,
but alas it has gone away,
The enlightening path a diamond shows,
Now! that alone shall stay.