Poems by
Ajay R

The arrival of spring

a poem by Ajay R

The night sky,
A beautiful blue
The stars look,
As if stuck with glue;
And so does the moon
Which will set soon.

But wait!
The seasons change,
Spring first, where every flower blooms,
The sky, oh! The sky remains a beautiful blue,
The hillsides green glisten with mountain dew.

A pool of clear water, quenches,
The ever-growing thirst of all creatures,
Large and tiny,
Tall and small,
And is meant for all.

The trees,
Greener than ever,
Protects like a mother.
Its fruits taste better,
Than fresh spring air.

Chilly at dawn, warm at noon,
Perfect weather for a rabbit’s young brood,
To prance and to play around the bushes,
Carefree and tireless.

Finally, when dusk arrives,
The sky turns into a wondrous haze,
Signalling the end of a perfect spring day.