Poems by
Ahamarshan J N

Angelic Moon

a poem by Ahamarshan J N

Let me see you, oh darling of the night
so elegant, bright, luminous with white light.
Men fear for night, but you don’t.
Is it that you teach thy men,
to ward of fear,
I can see why you glow bright
because “those who hath no fear
get light in their minds”.

Let me see you, oh darling of the night
why do you have such a curse of black
upon your white,
Is it the mark that one keeps
to ward of those evil eyes.

Are you the watchman of the night garden,
guarding those tiny flowers
that glitter with you.
keeping them far away
to make not a human hand touch it!

I now know why you seldom vanish from my sight
for there can be nothing in this world
which can’t rest,
so you take your leave for a months work,
you sure deserve it!