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Poor Tiger…

a poem by Afnan

I was walking through the forest,
I set on a rock for a rest.
In forest, I was alone,
All the ways for me are unknown.
Suddenly, I saw a big cat,
who was sleeping as a dead.
Slowly slowly I go there,
with some bravery and fear.
I kicked the tiger,
he wakes-up with an anger.
What’s the problem? The tiger say.
Come on! Get up, its not Sunday.
Go and hunt some one,
for this please give me your gun.
What! Don’t you have teeth and nails?
In front of big ones, all become fails
and small ones are very fast.
out of them, I always be the last.
Then to the tiger, I had given my gun,
He said, you are man, who help poor one.
In return, he had told me the way,
In the end, I said, for you I will pray.