Poems by
Aditya V Ojha


a poem by Aditya V Ojha

I am, once again, being forced to fight with myself,
My Conscience revolting; Unable to reconcile
with the inherent contradictions; A true Paradox,
staring at me – taunting me, my beliefs, my principles.

It is, indeed, a pity, I am being led:
On a path, not of my choosing; being led to believe,
it is the right one, one which is, supposedly,
A harbinger of happiness in my Life.

I am, unable to express my anguish; silently
Acquiescing for what Fate has in store for me,
Knowing fully well, this will cause untold miseries,
yet, giving in to this emotional black-mail.

For, where on Earth will I go, if, God Forbid,
things go wrong; Leaving me in the lurch,
left to fend for myself, to try and pick up the pieces
of a shattered dream, a lost cause, a deathly life?

I am the same optimist, who always believed that
Whatever happens, happens for the best;
Yet, this time, I am not too sure, if my beliefs
will see me through – safely – from this turmoil.

If a relationship were to start off on a wrong footing,
The resultant music could never be melodious:
A discordant note is struck, immediately; throwing
the whole symphony into chaos; cacophony prevails.

At the cross-roads of life, I am keeping
My fingers crossed, my toes twirling; simply
hoping for the best; expecting the worst,
finding solace in the only way I know:
Releasing the pent up fury in words, in the bargain
‘Aditya’ setting it aflame, reducing it to cinders.