Poems by
Aditya V Ojha

A Wanderer’s Song

a poem by Aditya V Ojha

Behold the colourful picture of the world,
Listen to the wavering tunes of the people.
Each, totally lost, in only himself,
Without a care about other worldly matters,
Singing Paeans of I, Me, Myself
Forging ahead, all by themselves, what a world,
Sings the Wanderer!

Traversing the times of sorrows and joys, all alone,
Searching, in futile, lost qualities of oneness and fellowship
Running the never ending race of life, desperately,
To overcome Life, to win it, running along, all the while,
Trying to conquer time, be victorious over it; Relentlessly
Forging ahead, yet lagging behind, this world,
Sings the Wanderer!

A big, happy and joyous Joint Family, disintegrated,
Broken into Nucleus Ones, swearing by ‘We Two, Ours Two’
This too becoming ancient, passe, out of date; ushering in
The concept of ‘Double Income, No Kids’ effortlessly.
Not a moment to spare, no time to sit back and relax,
Starting the race, with the Rising Sun, this world,
Sings the Wanderer!

The sweetness of joyous living, heard only in Songs,
Manners and Tradition, just fading away, lost.
Love and Respect, recited in long – forgotten poems,
Culture and Heritage, sacrificed at the altar of Today’s Life.
On when, till when, will all this carry on; when,
Oh when, will this innocent world understand,
Sings the Wanderer!

Changing Times, Changing Faces, Changed People,
Reminiscing the life of the days of yore, ‘Aditya’
Sings the Wanderer!